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The Mohabb Partnership Program

Our mission is to provide the a platform for delivery companies across the country to easily gain access to the large number of individuals and businesses in need of reliable, speedy and safe delivery services. We do not charge any fee or commission and you keep 100% of your earnings. We do this because we understand the high costs associated with running a delivery business.  We only require that all partners meet standard requirements which include all the necessary vehicle documentation and a basic GPS Tracker on each bike to ensure safety.

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We will contact you

You should receive a call shortly after signing up . We will provide you with all the details needed to get started

Verification of driving documentts

You will need to make available all the valid documents required to operate a motor vehicle in Ghana

You're done!

You are all set to get started! Once all documents are verified and requirements met, you will gain instant access to requests

Frequent questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Partners will have to bring all motorbikes to the Mohabb office accompained by their riders and the appropriate documents (we will specify when we get in touch)

All bikes on the Mohabb platform need to have a functioning GPS tracker. If you don’t have one, no worries, you can sign up for one and take advantage of our discounted price of GHC 550. Installation will only take a few hours. Learn more here>>.

You will need at least one registered vehicle and rider to sign up.

No, you can operate from your location. You will be alerted as soon as a delivery request is made.

The number of requests you receive depends on the quality and speed of your previous deliveries .Client satisfaction is very important to us and thus, influences the frequency of requests you get.

Not at all! We run a commission-free service. We understand the profit of most delivery companies are very small and therefore we avoid putting more pressure on your earnings. Our aim is to build a strong network of quality courier companies. So you keep all the money you earn!

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